Barranca Press publishes literature inspired by international travel.  

The Press gets its name from the many barrancas, canyons, and rifts around the world that are sites of both cultural interaction and division.  In the photo above, the Rio Grande Gorge cuts its way through the high desert near Taos where the Press was born. 

Our booklist includes:

  • Bilingual Children's Books,
  • Memoirs,
  • Novels, and
  • Photo journalism.
Barranca Press is an independent press 
based in Taos, New Mexico.
2015 Book Launches

Please let your friends, schools, and libraries know about these great new books:

Necklace of Stones: 
a memoir of poetry 
and place
by Alice Lee

Could you live like a Tarahumara? Podrias vivir como un Tarahumara?
​a bilingual edition
by Don Burgess with photos by Bob Schalkwijk and Don Burgess