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Playing with Osito | Jugando con Baby Bear

Author: Lisa Maria Burgess
Artist: Susan L. Roth

Osito wants to play, but his fur is growing slowly and he’s got the shivers. His new friend thinks covering this baby bear with honey and a coat of wildflowers is a good idea. Osito does get warm, but then the bees arrive, and he has to make a run for it!

This charming story by Lisa María Burgess is set in the mountains that traverse the US and Mexico, and takes inspiration from her childhood in the Sierra Madre of Chihuahua. In making the vibrant collages, Susan L. Roth created Osito and much of the landscape with tree bark paper, which has been made in Mexico since precolonial times. This story is bilingual for young readers, in English and Spanish.

Baby Bear quiere jugar, pero su pelo está creciendo muy lentamente: y eso lo hace temblar de frío. Su nueva amiga cree que cubrir a este osito con una capa de miel y flores silvestres es una buena idea. Con seguridad se sentirá calientito. Pero entonces las abejas llegan, y Baby Bear ¡tiene que salir corriendo para escapar!.

Esta historia, escrita por Lisa María Burgess, sucede en las montañas de la Sierra Madre que cruza los Estados Unidos y México, y se inspira en su infancia en la Sierra de Chihuahua. En la creación de sus hermosas  ilustraciones, Susan L. Roth ha hecho a Baby Bear y gran parte del paisaje con el papel amate de corteza de árbol, que se ha hecho en México desde la época pre-colonial. Esta historia para niños y  jóvenes, es bilingüe, en  inglés y español.

Language(s): English and Spanish

ISBN number:  
HC ISBN: 9781939604-293 ($19.95; 40 pages; 8.5x8.5 in.)
PB ISBN: 9781939604-286 ($9.99; 40 pages; 8.5x8.5 in.)

Publication Date:  Forthcoming  2018
Interest Level:  Ages 4 to 8 / Grades P to 3
Key Words: Bear, Honey, Bilingual, Imagination and Play, Friendship, Humor, New Mexico, Mexico.

"Captivating and humorous.... This baby bear has character. Children will cheer Osito as he tries to get warm and giggle at the girl's amusing and clever attempts to help him. ... Susan L. Roth's spirited and brightly colored collage illustrations are exquisite and really make this story sing." Multicultural Children's Book Day

"Educators: This book works well with lessons about problem solving, persistence, bears, the Southwest, New Mexico, Mexico, imagination, bilingualism, multilingualism, the environment, storytelling, paper art, and more." says Mommy Maestra!


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Osito twirled and grass flew in the air.

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  • 2018, November 16th: NM/AZ Book Coop Award, bilingual Children’s Book category

  • 2018, April 14th: Reading at Word Up in Harlem.

  • 2018, February 24th: World Fest at BASIS Independent Brooklyn for Reading by Lisa Maria Burgess and collage demonstration by Susan L. Roth

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