Juma and Little Sungura: a Tanzania Juma Story

Author: Lisa Maria Burgess
Artist: Abdul M. Gugu
Translator: None

Juma finally gets the baby sister he has wished for, and entertains her with his favorite activities. In this first book of the “Tanzania Juma Stories,” meet four year old Juma and learn about the country of Tanzania, located in East Africa and bordered by Kenya and Uganda. This book introduces readers to the geography of the country, as well as to Swahili words for family members and the traditions for baby naming, including a national map of the United Republic of Tanzania, a map of the continent of Africa, and a Swahili language glossary.

Language(s): English, introducing Swahili

ISBN number:  
HC ISBN: 9781939604-064 ($19.95; 32 pages; 8x10 in.)
PB ISBN: 9781939604-026 ($9.99; 32 pages; 8x10 in.)

Publication Date:  August 2013
Interest Level:  Ages 4 to 8 / Grades P to 3
Key Words: New  Baby, Naming traditions, Swahili language, Tanzania, Africa, Animals (crab).


A look inside the book.

A look inside the book.

Abdul's son and books

fan reading Juma and Little Sungura

fan reading Juma and Little Sungura

Reviews and Notes from Readers:

I read our son the one with Juma and the little sister, and he wouldn't let his dad interrupt us ('mum's reading now!'). I didn't realise they have all these Swahili words - I started telling my son about them and he … somehow thought that all of them were there for fun (he often speaks his own language, so he probably thought I was doing the same when reading) and repeated them after me… Great fun :)
– Susanne, mother of a three-year-old, Harare, Zimbabwe


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