Juma Cooks Chapati: a Tanzania Juma Story

Author: Lisa Maria Burgess
Artist: Abdul M. Gugu
Translator: None

Bored with their games, Juma and his sister, Sareeya, eat chapati and then sneak into the garden to make these breads
by themselves, succeeding despite a marauding crow.

The story introduces food, children’s games, and life in a suburb of Dar es Salaam, in the East African country of Tanzania. Juma also provides his recipe for cooking chapati. The story is supplemented with a map of the city of Dar es Salaam, a map of the continent of Africa, and a Swahili language glossary.

Language(s): English, introducing Swahili.

ISBN number:  
HC ISBN: 9781939604-088 ($19.95; 32 pages; 8x10 in.)
PB ISBN: 9781939604-040 ($9.99; 32 pages; 8x10 in.)

Publication Date:  August 2013
Interest Level:  Ages 4 to 8 / Grades P to 3
Key Words:  Boredom, Cooking, Games, Animals (crow),
Swahili language, Tanzania. Africa.

A look inside the book.

A look inside the book.

Reviews and Notes from Readers:

I just read all four Juma books to my second grade class! They loved them!! Thanks for writing four very entertaining, educational, and fun books. I was able to introduce geography with them, talk about islands, discuss the Tanzanian culture, traveling, food and families in other countries, safari animals, and riding a boat all in the form of a delightful story of an adorable little boy. It was so very cute and I highly recommend the series!! When I was done reading them my second graders cried, "Read the next one!" When I told them there were only four, they were so sad and asked if I would tell the author to write some more! Thanks Lisa for the great and educational books!
Kristin Williams, Second Grade Teacher, California, USA


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  • 2014 03: Launch in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • 2013 08:  Launch in Taos, New Mexico.

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