Juma's Dhow Race: a Tanzania Juma Story

Author: Lisa Maria Burgess
Artist: Abul M. Gugu
Translator: None

Juma hides in his uncle’s dhow (after arguing with his cousin) and inadvertently joins the annual Dhow sailing race around the islands of Zanzibar. At the same time, his sister chases after the Changuu Island tortoises. The story introduces the ancient Stone Town and the Swahili boat culture. The story is supplemented with a map of the United Republic of Tanzania, focusing on the islands of Zanzibar, a map of the continent of Africa, and a Swahili language glossary.

Language(s): English, introducing Swahili

ISBN number:  
HC ISBN: 9781939604-095 ($19.95; 32 pages; 8x10 in.)
PB ISBN: 9781939604-057 ($9.99; 32 pages; 8x10 in.)

Publication Date:  August 2013
Interest Level:  Ages 4 to 8 / Grades P to 3
Key Words:  Courage, Sailing, Swimming, Animals (tortoise), Swahili language, Tanzania, Africa.

A look inside the book.

A look inside the book.

Reviews and Notes from Readers:

Thank you for writing such lovely material for children.  I taught kindergarten for 18 years and often sought for books like those you authored as both literacy and social studies material. But I always sought such material within books of literary merit.  Your work should find welcome in good libraries, classrooms and homes.  Congratulations on offering worthy material to children, teachers and parents.
– Grace Balwit, Retired Assoc. Professor of Education, Oregon


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